How to create a Zoom Hack for Banished

June 25, 2014 by Asbra — 3 Comments

Banished without zoom hack

Banished without zoom hack


In this tutorial we will create a zoom hack for the game Banished. By default the game is quite limiting in its’ zoom options, you can zoom in & pan the camera around a bit, but I like to get up real close and see what’s going on down there 🙂

What you learn in this tutorial can be applied to other games as well, useful in some strategy games. So how is zoom hack achieved?

Cheat_Engine_6.3_2014-06-25_19-28-32 Let’s start by opening up the game and our trusty old pal Cheat Engine. Now in most situations like these there will be a float value with the amount you are zoomed/panned, so let’s start looking for that.

Now what you want to do is go in-game and either zoom in or zoom out, then you go back to Cheat Engine and search for either “Increased value” or “Decreased value”. Which is which? You will find out 🙂
Keep zooming in/out in-game and searching increased/decreased in Cheat Engine. Once in a while don’t zoom in game just move the camera around or other things, then search “Unchanged value”. That will weed out the “bad” values that are unrelated to zoom.

Eventually you will find a value that is 20 when max zoomed in and 130 when max zoomed out.

So what do we do now?

Right-click on it in the cheat table and “Find out what writes to this address” then zoom in in-game to the limit and keep pushing the zoom in button, then do the same thing with zooming out. You will find two instructions that set maximum/minimum value to the zoom when trying to go above/below it.

Digging into the code

Here’s a ASM dump of that

Application-steam-x64.exe+ED970 - F3 0F10 0D 6CED0700   - movss xmm1,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C6E4]
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED978 - 85 DB                 - test ebx,ebx
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED97A - 74 3C                 - je Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9B8
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED97C - F3 0F10 47 3C         - movss xmm0,[rdi+3C]
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED981 - 7E 0A                 - jle Application-steam-x64.exe+ED98D
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED983 - F3 0F5C 05 2DED0700   - subss xmm0,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C6B8]
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED98B - EB 08                 - jmp Application-steam-x64.exe+ED995
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED98D - F3 0F58 05 23ED0700   - addss xmm0,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C6B8]
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED995 - 0F2F C8               - comiss xmm1,xmm0
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED998 - F3 0F11 47 3C         - movss [rdi+3C],xmm0
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED99D - 76 09                 - jna Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9A8
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED99F - C7 47 3C 0000A041     - mov [rdi+3C],41A00000
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9A6 - EB 10                 - jmp Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9B8
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9A8 - 0F2F 05 89ED0700      - comiss xmm0,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C738]
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9AF - 76 07                 - jna Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9B8
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9B1 - C7 47 3C 00000243     - mov [rdi+3C],43020000
Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9B8 - F3 0F10 57 44         - movss xmm2,[rdi+44]

Let’s dig into it!

movss xmm1,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C6E4] - 20.0 float (minimum zoom)

Loads the minimum zoom value into xmm1 register

movss xmm0,[rdi+3C]

Load current zoom value into xmm0 register

subss xmm0,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C6B8]

Decrease zoom by 5.0, this is for when we zoom in

addss xmm0,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C6B8]

Increase zoom by 5.0, this is for when we zoom out

comiss xmm1,xmm0

Compare current zoom value to the minimum allowed zoom

movss [rdi+3C],xmm0

Set the new zoom value

jna Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9A8

JNA (Jump if Not Above)
If the current zoom value is above the minimum allowed zoom value, jump away. Otherwise run the next instruction:

mov [rdi+3C],41A00000
jmp Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9B8

Sets zoom to minimal value (20 float) and then jumps away.
0xA041 is 20 in float value.

comiss xmm0,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C738]

Compares current zoom value to the maximum allowed zoom value (130)

jna Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9B8

If the current zoom value is not above the maximum allowed zoom value, jump away. Otherwise run the next instruction:

mov [rdi+3C],43020000

Set zoom to maximum value (130 float)
0x0243 is 130 in float value.

This teaches us that zoom factor/value is at 0x3C into some class. This can be a good start for reversing that class (probably a camera class where you can find FOV, camera position etc.) if you are interested in that.

So! Now how do we make it so we can zoom in as close as we want to or as far away as we want? There are many different solutions to this. Let’s look at a couple.

First method for unlimited zoom hack

First of all we could eliminate the two operations that force the zoom value, namely these two

mov [rdi+3C],41A00000
mov [rdi+3C],43020000

NOP those out (‘Replace with code that does nothing’ in Cheat Engine) and that will do the trick.

Second method for unlimited zoom hack

More interestingly would be to patch one of the jumps to avoid the checks altogether.

76 09                 - jna Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9A8
C7 47 3C 0000A041     - mov [rdi+3C],41A00000
EB 10                 - jmp Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9B8
0F2F 05 89ED0700      - comiss xmm0,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C738]
76 07                 - jna Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9B8
C7 47 3C 00000243     - mov [rdi+3C],43020000
F3 0F10 57 44         - movss xmm2,[rdi+44]

If we would change the first JNA to a JMP and change it to go all the way down to the movss, then it would avoid the checks 🙂
Current the JNA has the bytes 76 09, 76 is the instruction JNA (short). The instruction JMP (short) is EB, so we start by changing the bytes to EB 09.

Now we have a jump instruction that looks like this
EB 09 - jmp Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9A8

Hmm, that’s no good tho, it will jump to before the next check! So let’s change the distance too.. how can we do that?
The second byte of the instruction is 09. It is the distance in bytes of how far the jump should be! We want our jump to go down to the movss so we need to jump an additional 0x10. Hence we change the 09 to 19!

Now the complete instruction is EB 19 instead of the original 76 09
EB 19 - jmp Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9B8

Now our jump goes all the way down to the movss instruction, skipping the code that would have limited our zoom. Our zoom hack is ready! 🙂

Hacking camera panning

Now, as an added bonus; if we scroll up a little bit in the code we find this area:

FF 15 F3BD0500        - call qword ptr [Application-steam-x64.exe+149730]
84 C0                 - test al,al
74 12                 - je Application-steam-x64.exe+ED953
F3 0F10 47 44         - movss xmm0,[rdi+44]
F3 0F5C 05 BEEC0700   - subss xmm0,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C60C]
F3 0F11 47 44         - movss [rdi+44],xmm0
44 0F2F 5F 44         - comiss xmm11,[rdi+44]
76 04                 - jna Application-steam-x64.exe+ED95E
44 89 67 44           - mov [rdi+44],r12d
F3 0F10 47 44         - movss xmm0,[rdi+44]
41 0F2F C4            - comiss xmm0,xmm4
76 07                 - jna Application-steam-x64.exe+ED970
C7 47 44 0000803F     - mov [rdi+44],3F800000
F3 0F10 0D 6CED0700   - movss xmm1,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C6E4]
85 DB                 - test ebx,ebx
74 3C                 - je Application-steam-x64.exe+ED9B8
F3 0F10 47 3C         - movss xmm0,[rdi+3C]
7E 0A                 - jle Application-steam-x64.exe+ED98D
F3 0F5C 05 2DED0700   - subss xmm0,[Application-steam-x64.exe+16C6B8]

This is where the game limits the camera panning.

As an exercise I suggest you figure out how that works and how you can patch it to achieve unlimited camera panning too! 😉

Now we can finally see their tiny, pixelated faces up close and personal

I especially like that boy with mutton chops in the background..

I especially like that boy with mutton chops in the background..

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  1. hi, this is a good tutorial i got the process and i click on “active”, then i right click on “Find out what writes to this address”, i zoom in above the limit and i find a code (there is the number 41A000″). then i don’t know well what to do..can you help me?
    i want to set the zoon in limit to 4.5 and not 20

  2. Hi, good tutorial but I didn’t understand the last passages.
    I’m able to find the process, i click active on it and then right click and Find out what writes to this address,then i force zoom in and i have a code..then i don’t know how to do…
    I want to set 4.5 the zoom in limit, but i don’t want to eliminate limits at all

  3. Is there any chance to make this camera hack into mod downloadable for everyone?

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