Forces of War utilities (userscript/bot)

March 2, 2014 by Asbra — 14 Comments

UPDATE June 1st, 2014
Full version of my Forces of War bot is now available free! » Forces of War bot w/ boss sniping «

.. so I wrote a bot for the Facebook game Forces of War.

The game is created by Uken Games and all of their text-based browser MMO games (Forces of War, Age of Legends, Villains, etc.) build on the same engine, share the same code base, etc. so this script will work on those as well with minor modifications.

I’ve decided to release a “lite” version of my bot right now, it contains:

  • Collect bot (automatically collects money when available)
  • Battle (PvP) bot (automatically performs battles for you when above X stamina)
  • Heal bot (automatically heals you when below X health)

The PvP bot tries to find the weakest possible target it can (lower level, has lost alot of battles).

My full Forces of War script/bot also has:

  • Invasion bot (automatically finds and camps invasion boss, attempts to get the killing blow always)
  • Mission bot (automatically performs selected mission(s) for you)

The script available at the bottom of this post and in a Gist on GitHub. I will post it on at a later time since it’s down right now. 🙂


To run this you will need to get the browser extension Tampermonkey (or Greasemonkey if you use Firefox)

Forces of War bot script cheat

When activated, the script adds controls to the header of the game page.

Script details

The script makes use of the existing JavaScript variables that Uken provides, such as U_HEALTH and U_STAMINA. If you are interested in what other variables are available, start by looking for those two in the files loaded on page.

If you are interested in programming/scripting, repeated_checks() contains the meat of the script, it is where values are checked and appropriate actions taken. It runs indefinitely until any action is available.

The Forces of War script

To install this in Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey, make a new script, paste the entire script from here, save it. Enjoy.

Edit: Now I also uploaded it to, follow the link and click the Install button, that should take care of it.

Script has been removed from my webserver due to request from Uken
You can still get the script on or Github.

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14 responses to Forces of War utilities (userscript/bot)

  1. Hi there,

    I don’t understand how going about using Tampermonkey, could you please provide me with a step by step way of carrying out this script using Tampermonkey, like where to input/paste the script, where to save the script and so on. Please I need your help as you know what you doing, as all the other sites/youtube cannot solve this problem that you just did “Is there a bot for uken games” . As fow is quite an addicting game once you get the hang of things, but to become a strong character is real time consuming, that’s why I could really make use of this bot,, but I don’t understand how to go about executing it using Tampermonkey.

    And thanks for sharing this bot with us, you rock! :))

    Yours faithfully


  2. Hi Johan,

    Thank you so so much for the bot that you created and for the link that you supplied me with, I really admire your programming skills! This is the first bot I came across that “does” work for a change, so I commend you my friend

    Is there a way to add a script to this ‘exact’ bot to do boss snipes/kills on its own, bud?
    Just wondering…

  3. Is the full version available? Where can i get it? Would love to have this

  4. Yes Dr death I second your question

  5. Is full version available now?

  6. Any chance you could make those ‘minor changes’ to adapt it for villains? 😛
    I would do it myself, but I don’t know how.. lol

  7. and for age of legends too please johann 🙂

  8. you will get banned, trust me i have the full version, this version will also ban you!

    • Should not be too hard to bypass tho. If you have an interest, just learn from the script I’ve put up and write your own from scratch. See if that gets detected too, it might just be a heuristic they detect 🙂

      And here is the full version in case anyone’s looking: Forces of War bot

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