Forces of War bot with boss sniping (invasion bot)

June 1, 2014 by Asbra — 20 Comments

Better late than never! ..right?

Full version of my bot for the Facebook game Forces of War.

The game is created by Uken Games and all of their text-based browser MMO games (Forces of War, Age of Legends, Villains, etc.) build on the same engine, share the same code base, etc. so this script will work on those as well with minor modifications.


  • Invasion bot (automatically finds and camps invasion boss, attempts to get the killing blow always)
  • Mission bot (automatically performs selected mission(s) for you)
  • Collect bot (automatically collects money when available)
  • Battle (PvP) bot (automatically performs battles for you when above X stamina)
  • Heal bot (automatically heals you when below X health)

The PvP bot tries to find the weakest possible target it can (lower level, has lost alot of battles).


To run this you will need to get the Google Chrome extension Tampermonkey

Forces of War bot

When activated, the script adds controls to the header of the game page.

Script details

The script makes use of the existing JavaScript variables that Uken provides, such as U_HEALTH and U_STAMINA. If you are interested in what other variables are available, start by looking for those two in the files loaded on page.

If you are interested in programming/scripting, repeated_checks() contains the meat of the script, it is where values are checked and appropriate actions taken. It runs indefinitely until any action is available.

The Forces of War script

You can install it from GitHub Gists by going here: Forces of War bot then click on Raw (direct link) and Tampermonkey should ask to install it 🙂

To install this in Tampermonkey, make a new script, paste the entire script from here, save it. Enjoy.

Script has been removed from my webserver due to request from Uken
You can still get the script on or Github.

Incoming search terms:

  • https://asbra net/forces-war-bot-boss-sniping/
  • chome force warbot


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20 responses to Forces of War bot with boss sniping (invasion bot)

  1. Thanks for being so kind, Johan, it’s greatly appreciated.

    Few tips: Heal function doesn’t work properly, it just heals once (as far as I know) and that “]” at the end isn’t necessary.

    Keep it up, man. Thanks!

  2. how would I make for crime inc

  3. Hey, I’ve added the script to tampermonkey yet it wont start.

  4. The lite version works but not this 1

  5. Any idea how i can make it work?

  6. No controls display on the header. It doesn’t work. Like Zoro said, the lite version works but this doesn’t.

  7. To get this to work look at the end of the script…
    Change: ]});
    To: });

  8. The Mission ID? how to know that?

  9. What needs to be changed in order to use this on the other Uken games. Such as Villains, SHA, and so forth.

    Really awesome! And really appreciate it

  10. Sebastian Ponce August 8, 2014 at 4:22 am

    the bot have been detected, forces of war banned me today :/

  11. So if i wanted to make one for age of legends what would i change?

  12. Basically if youre too lazy to play the game and play it with some decency, cheating is lame and you may get that final kill but as you see on the forum we know about your bots. and Uken is finally cracking down on cheats like you guys/

  13. This bot is really good but there is three things I don’t understand
    1. why doesn’t the bot refresh the bounty page to make the search for an invasion to snipe more accurate because most of the time it got caught on the bounty page because the invasions wouldn’t appear without the bounty page being refreshed.
    2. when an invasion is reached the bot if you put the percentage up to 100 just starts spamming the attack button. this means that Uken can see all this in their logs and can have a pretty accurate guess who’s botting because it has a one second rule for attacking. and if their logs show a single person managing to hit once every second plus have 3 can only attack once per second messages
    3. last thing the pvp bot just attacks a guy called McMYER. Changing the to attack a person below a certain amount of allies would be preferable.

    • i retested the second point does work my bad

    • Careful in using the bot now, apparently the company (Uken) did not appreciate it and have taken some action against bots.
      I would suggest taking the script and perhaps changing it a bit, just in case they are looking for specific strings or behaviour.

      They have banned my Facebook account from all their games 😛

  14. Sebastian Ponce April 23, 2015 at 6:35 am

    please johan submit another bot!! we need it 🙁

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