Game Security Consulting

As the game industry grows, multiplayer games and games that interact with a central server become more the norm. The need for game security consultants is something traditionally overlooked, with companies focusing on profits and not seeing the worth in protecting their game, and their players.

Many companies in the game industry do not take anti-cheat techniques seriously, which has in some cases caused the ruin of both the game and, in some cases, the companies.

Combating cheaters, glitchers, spammers and hackers can be a very expensive process, requiring not only funding but also time from your development team to patch and improve the game security.

So why should you care?

Nobody likes playing with cheaters.

Quote from Valve

Might sound simple, but it’s completely true. When you have a multiplayer game you need to take good care of your community of fans, otherwise it all crumbles.

With many years experience in gamehacking and reverse-engineering, I am now setting out to help improve the security in the gaming industry. As a online game security consultant I can help your company in securing your game and servers against attacks, in order to minimize potential loss of revenue due to events related to hackers.

If you have a new online game coming up you can really use a multiplayer game security consultant to take a look at the things that your development team have overlooked. Get a unique insight in how hackers see your game, what are the flaws that they can use, abuse and exploit to the fullest?

I will audit your game and advice you on how to continue development and improve your game in a way that will both keep your fan base intact as well as keep the cheaters at bay.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiry regarding gamehacking or game security consulting.