How To Cheat in Facebook Games: Candy Crush Saga

April 8, 2013 by Asbra — 4 Comments

Very straight-forward Cheat Engine tutorial for hacking Facebook games; how to cheat Candy Crush Saga.

Using the method described here you can create a Candy Crush Saga cheat with unlimited moves, if you try other things you can get massive score, unlimited boosters, and more 🙂


Using Cheat Engine with Chrome

In Google Chrome press Shift and Esc, this will bring up the Task Manager in Chrome.

Now in the Task Manager, find Plugin: Shockwave Flash.
Chrome Task Manager
What you want to focus on here is the Process ID, as you can see in the screenshot, for me it’s 6416 now.

Open up CE (Cheat Engine).

In CE click the button in top-left corner to get the process list. In the list you see many chrome.exe processes, one of those is the Flash process. CE shows the process ID’s as hexadecimal so we have to convert the process ID we got from Chrome (6416) to hexadecimal which is 0x1910.
Cheat Engine process list
So we select the proper chrome.exe process and open it.

Using Cheat Engine with Firefox

If you are using Firefox, open plugin-container.exe in Cheat Engine.

Unlimited moves in Candy Crush Saga

Now that we have the browsers Flash process open in CE, let’s make unlimited moves.

Open a level in Candy Crush Saga where you start with a number of moves. For example, Level 19:
Candy Crush Saga Level 19

Here you see I start with 35 moves. So I open up CE, enter value 35 and press First Scan
Cheat Engine with Candy Crush Saga
I got 1,528 results. Now make a move in the game so we have one less, and search for that value (34 for me).

Now you should only have 2 results left in the list. Add both of them to your table (double-click them or click them then click the red arrow).

Try changing one of them to anything (for example 99), if the value changes inside the game then set the value back and remove it from the table. Because that one is only the “visual” value, not the real value.
So now we only have one left, try setting this one to 99 and then use all your moves ingame. You will see that you go down to a negative amount of moves and can still play 🙂
Candy Crush Saga cheat unlimited moves

Finishing your Candy Crush Saga cheat

Now we have the memory address where your amount of moves is stored, this is fine we can set this to what we want.
Problem is we need to search for this value again each time we change level! DMA (Dynamic Memory Allocation), let’s fix it with a better method 🙂

Now in CE, right-click on the address with the moves in your table and choose Find out what writes to this address. This will open a new window that has set a hardware breakpoint on the value and will log when some opcode in the software changes your moves value.

Make a move in the game and you will see a line pops up in that window:
Cheat Engine find out what writes to this address
Select the line and click the button Show disassembler

This probably looks very confusing to you unless you have experience with Assembler.
Candy Crush Saga Cheat Engine
Right-click on the line and select Add to code list.
Click OK
Enter a name, Unlimited Moves and press OK
Now in the CE main window, in bottom-left corner click Advanced options
Right-click your unlimited moves and choose replace with code that does nothing
Candy Crush Saga Unlimited Moves Hack
Now you will have unlimited moves.

ASM dump, in case images disappear..

07FCB7E9 - 8B 45 10                   - mov eax,[ebp+10]
07FCB7EC - 8B 10                      - mov edx,[eax]
07FCB7EE - 8B 48 04                   - mov ecx,[eax+04]
07FCB7F1 - B8 04000000                - mov eax,00000004
07FCB7F6 - 89 4A 10                   - mov [edx+10],ecx        ; set number of moves
07FCB7F9 - 8B 4D F0                   - mov ecx,[ebp-10]
07FCB7FC - 89 0D 50500D03             - mov [030D5050],ecx
07FCB802 - 8B E5                      - mov esp,ebp
07FCB804 - 5D                         - pop ebp
07FCB805 - C3                         - ret 
07FCB806 - CC                         - int 3 

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. But, i found the Moves Left value in two tries. And using CE, i changed the value back to 4 and froze it. Bam, unlimited moves!

  2. How do you overcome those levels with a time constraint? Can the CE be used, as well.

  3. is that necessary to reopen the cheat engine each time when we re open candy in facebook ? thank you

  4. you are my hero… 🙂 any luck with life ??? :p

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