Archives For Reverse Engineering requires you to give them full access to your YouTube channel/account in order to download a song. I cannot agree with this, so here’s how I found out how to bypass their checks and download songs without registration.

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Steam price tracker/alert

March 7, 2016 by Asbra — Leave a comment

There is a GitHub repo with the source code of this project.

As someone who likes to bargain for games, I wanted a simple way to get notified of price changes to the games I’m interested in. Steam has a built-in feature that emails you when there’s a sale on items in your wishlist, but I wanted something more.

What I ended up with is a script that sends me an email notification whenever the price drops (either normal reduction or on a sale) on one of the games in my wishlist and the games I follow.

This article will serve to explain the approach which I took to create this script, if you just want to look at the final thing, head on over to my GitHub repo.

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Incoming search terms:

  • https://yandex ru/clck/jsredir?from=yandex ru;search;web;;&text=&etext=1831 zCRbdMmPsnAEas9OOFXMW9F_IYM3YnmdfNbPHVpUmig c9103da42428cf6aa89d2d3587c725c92afa1a6f&uuid=&state=_BLhILn4SxNIvvL0W45KSic66uCIg23qh8iRG98qeIXmeppkgUc0YGHEttDsYq_w3p

In this tutorial we will create a zoom hack for the game Banished. By default the game is quite limiting in its’ zoom options, you can zoom in & pan the camera around a bit, but I like to get up real close and see what’s going on down there 🙂

What you learn in this tutorial can be applied to other games as well, useful in some strategy games. So how is zoom hack achieved?

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I recently started looking into this game briefly. Since this game still seems rather popular I figured I might write something about it. The game engine is divided into several DLL-files, it makes it easy to find out how stuff works, even for a reverse-engineering newb.

I’m using PointBlank Thailand (since I live there), there are versions for many different regions, but the engine is the same.

This tutorial will show you how to find the Direct3D9 Device pointer, and using it to create a PointBlank D3D hack which you can put wallhack and chams into.

Hopefully this will give You a greater understanding for reverse-engineering and gamehacking. 🙂

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Working as of 2013-05-20

You can download the entire WarZ hack project here or check it out over at my BitBucket. Project is written in C++ using Visual Studio 2010.
The only thing I have not included is text rendering. I did not want to publicize the font library I’m using, so you will have to find an alternative if you need it 🙂
I apologize beforehand for the mixed notation. Some parts are documented, other parts.. not so much.

Features box ESP for players & zombies, text ESP for them and items, shows you item name, weight, ammunition etc. (hopefully) easy-to-read source code instructing you on how to create a WarZ hack.

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Very straight-forward Cheat Engine tutorial for hacking Facebook games; how to hack in Candy Crush Saga using Cheat Engine.

I go through how to use Cheat Engine to gain Unlimited Moves in the game, how to attach Cheat Engine to your web browsers Flash process.

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Implementation of GetModuleHandle to get from PEB in memory instead of calling Windows API. Purpose is to get module handle without WinAPI.

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Here is a .h file with definitions for some undocumented NT internals, structs, etc.
For more information you should check out

These structures become useful when you are using undocumented NT functions instead of the Windows API.

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In this practical gamehacking tutorial we will take a look at the RPG / rogue-like game Dungeons of Dredmor from a reverse engineers’ POV.

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Learn how to create a Radar Hack for Counter-Strike Source, make all players visible on the radar, always. This technique is also applicable to other games.

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