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PHP Steam Profile Widget

March 6, 2016 by Asbra — Leave a comment

This article will show you code, as well as a run-down of it, for my Steam profile widget.

If you simply want your own, visit to generate it.

You can find the full code for this entire project on my GitHub repo

So, what I set out to make was a simple way to display a link to my Steam profile, as well as some statistics and status.

First of all you’re gonna need to get your Steam Web API Key

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Cleaning up a hacked WordPress

April 23, 2013 by Asbra — Leave a comment

Recently I received a few spam emails in the “LinkedIn” campaign and analyzed them, they led to multiple hacked Wordpress sites. Here’s a brief analysis of the malware uploaded to the site and the damage they caused the site-owner.

As well as a brief introduction to Wordpress security, what can be done to protect your Wordpress-based websites.

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